Rescaling Static Meshes inside Unreal 4?


I´m currently learning Unreal 4 and I´ve run into a problem with a certain content pack. Every asset seems to be oversized while a value of 0.85 in relation to the original value seems appropriate.
Since I would prefer it not to rescale every single static mesh once I place it I was wondering if there is a simple way to rescale them inside of Unreal 4.

If there isn´t I would have to edit every asset in 3ds/blender, so I´m currently searching for a faster way.

Regards, and thanks for every reply, Lumnuon.

In the Static Mesh settings look for “Build Scale” it should be near the top of the details, you may need to expand a collapsed menu section by clicking on the little down arrow.

I got it. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I´m assuming it is right that I have to change the value for every LOD?