Rescale lightmap resolution of whole scene

I would like to request a function that allows me to change the lightmap resolution of several objects (or everything in a scene) at once. A simple multiplier would do the trick nicely, so I can retain the relative lightmap scale of each object. We make scenes for different devices, and it would be very nice to be able to adjust this quickly to fit the optimal resolution for each device.

Hi Frepp,

You can do this already.

In the toolbar with Build > Lighting Info > Lightmap Resolution Adjustment


When you rebuild the assets within range and using the Ratio value will have Overriden Lightmap Resolutions that you can verify via the Details Panel when the actor is selected.

Something to keep in mind if you building for different platforms, you will have to set this and rebuild the lighting when you change these settings. There is no option to switch out different lightmap resolutions for different platforms like Mobile vs PC.

Try adjusting the values in a simple scene to get better understanding of how the system works before jumping into a larger scene where it would take a while to rebuild the lighting.

Great, didn’t see that before. Well that’s just awesome =D