Rescale Landscape

Hey guys,

i’ve some huge problems with distortion in my landscape. as you can see on the image below it has some huge streching when it comes to some higher areas. i started my landscape sculpt with the basic settings but it seems to me that i can’t change the size later on. my idea was to sculpt all roughly and then add later on more resolution to it to keep the performance up high.

i tryed the different component size options to get to a higher resolution but i still wont go over 511x511.

i hope you can tell me how to fix that.


YOu can do that by going into :

Manage > selection tool > change component size > "resample’ and choose higher ‘section’ values.

There is no way to increase/decrease per pixel area unfortunately, as that would have to be done inside a modeling app or similar software and export out to a format ue4 can bring in ( raw, png 16 bit), but given I"ve not done that for sometime, I’m not positive you would get what you’re after.

ie: In blender you can create your landscape ( again never tested to see if resolution ( say dynamic sculpting, etc. etc.) per area would work) , and then follow tuts to make ‘heightmap’ , on youtube or similar sites. Other 3d apps, whether maya , max etc., no doubt have very similar workflows so consult those as per package.

GL :slight_smile:

I found this while trying to find something fairly short, good narration and good information:

If you get stuck and you may if you’ve never done heightmap creation in app X , this should get you going.