Rerunning Constructors


I have an actor with another actor attached to it. Lets call them parent and child. I have variables exposed on parent to the editor (things like scale and color) and those get passed down to the children. There is also an array of children exposed on the editor so they can be assigned at design time. I pass the variables down to the children in the parent’s constructor. Unfortunately they don’t seem to propagate unless I build geometry (or rerun the child constructor in some other way).

To add to the complexity the array of children is of the type of the children’s base class. The base class is where the variables are stored. Here is the general structure

    - BaseChild[ ]
    - Scale
    - Color

    - Scale
    - Color

ChildType1 <BaseChild>
ChildType2 <BaseChild>

I set scale and color on “Parent” at design time and in the constructor of “Parent” I set them on an instance of “BaseChild”. I then use them in the constructor of the instances of “BaseChild” e.g. “ChildType1” and “ChildType2” to adjust color and scale of components that are attached. However, I don’t get the typical real time updates that I would get if I was modifying the components of “Parent”. If I rebuild geometry then I see the changes.

Any tips on fixing this?


any thoughts on this?