Rerouting AI around closed doors

I’m currently making a simple game using the Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial and to keep developing my skills I decided to add some doors that the player can open and close. But i’ve run into a bit of a problem when it comes to how the AI function with the doors.

If I put a Navmesh Link Proxy to link the navmesh back together the AI will be able to move through an open door (although due to the number of them they generally get stuck in the doorway which is another issue i’m having, but that’s a different thread). However, when the door is closed instead of moving down a different route after the player the AI will remain standing in front of the door.

I’m assuming the the issue is that the navmesh says it should be possible to move through the door even when it is closed. How do I alter that so that when the door is closed the AI instead moves down the next available path to the player?