Reroute Nodes

Hey guys

Has anyone else had the issue where the reroute nodes in 4.16 don`t line up with any other nodes exec pin anymore.

Not massively important but a bit annoying

Yap. I think the reason is that, reroute nodes now align with variable pins. It seems they switched the positioning but Exec one looks really odd now.

It wasn’t worth it. Hope they change it.

There’s workaround for this ugliness. Requires more clicking though… so I have “Straighten connection” under Tab key now :wink:

Can someone explaint to me how the Straighten Connection Function works? Sometimes it alignes from Left to right, sometimes from right to left :rolleyes:

If select 3 nodes from left which are aligned to each other and 1 unaligned node from right - it will align everything to the left. At least this behavior I observed. It’s like democracy, majority wins :wink:

The thing is, all exec nodes look so ugly now that everytime you have to use a reroute node, they look messy. If we are bound to use another option to make it look good, they might as well as make it automatic.

This isn’t a solution because exec reroute nodes gets more attention from our eyes as they are kind of the main stuff. I don’t like that I have to use straighten connection -everytime- now. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was an unintended side-effect of making the reroute node grab handle symmetrical and we’ll get it sorted out in a future build.

Michael Noland

Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a chance of fixing alignment of other nodes too? Like nodes operating on arrays?
If you put somebody on it, it would be great to fix all the issues. We would stop complaining then. Well… at least one less reason for complaining :wink:

Probably not any time soon; the long term solution is likely to pad every pin to a multiple of the grid snap size, but the concern there is bloating node sizes noticeably in exchange for the better alignment, which causes problems with existing BP layouts and reduces the info on-screen. We’ve gone in and tried to make sure the first pin lines up on all non-compact nodes (ones with a title bar) already, but subsequent pins still have issues due to varying height of literal edit fields.

Pull requests are always welcome if someone in the community has time to try to tackle this :slight_smile:

Michael Noland

Michael recently talked about Editor options to turn-off / dial-down wire-splines (related thread)…
So it would also be helpful to have ‘Straighten Connection’ work for nodes aligned vertically etc.

Just a wishlist item… :slight_smile:

No please don’t: Delay / Sequence / Branch etc are already very bloated…
We could do with a second mini-version of each one to save space already! :stuck_out_tongue: