Reroute Nodes for State machine layouts?

Reroute nodes are a much-appreciated visual aid for designing blueprints, but blueprints aren’t where they’re most needed.

State machine layouts, since they don’t apply any curvature to connected lines, become even tougher to read… and doubly so since the transition rules (at least in anim graphs) aren’t visibly ATTACHED to the lines in question, they just sort of hover above them.

Seriously, look at this. This isn’t even finished, it’s only like 60% done. State machines are unbelievably powerful but I can’t freakin’ read this! I have to hover over each transition icon just to see what connection it’s attached to.

I know that conduits help (and I use them), but the problem is conduits aren’t universally applicable; sometimes you want to be able to get from one state to another based on a slightly different set of rules, and (for me) frequently I need transition events to unset certain variables, which makes conduits useless since they only support a single transition event (out from themselves). If I need to unset two different variables when moving to air melee, one from dodge and one from jump, using a conduit to combine those two paths isn’t possible.

Anyway, the functionality on these is fine, but just having a way to add kinks or bends to these paths to keep them legible would be a huge help (for that matter, so would placing the transition node icon directly on the connection wire so it’s easier to see what it’s connected to)