Reroute nodes cannot straighten nodes before them

Just a quick minor suggestion. I know there’s always more pressing things to handle, but it would be nice to be able to straighten nodes that come earlier in the execution path – for all nodes, including but not limited to reroute nodes.

I guess that you would like to use “Straighten Connection(s)” command in editor.
There’s no default keybinding for it. You need to go to Editor Prefs -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Find this command, bind it to some key. I use Tab.
Now you need to select all nodes you want to straighten and hit chosen key. Beware: not all nodes aligns nicely, it’s bit tricky to use this command sometimes :wink:

The order you select nodes matters. For example:

Selecting the reroute node, then ctrl-selecting the variable node, then straightening:

Selecting the variable node, then ctrl-selecting the reroute node, then straightening:

You can also straighten more than one node at once, the important thing seems to be that the final one you want to align to is the second node you select.

Thanks kjustynski and Zeblote! I was hoping the variable would just show up in the ‘straighten’ context menu, but this might be even better.