Reroute Node Hotkey Please

Title says it all. I find that I use the node quite frequently (especially as a newer developer, as organization helps me get lost less often.)
Just adding an option in “General - Keyboard shortcuts” to bind it, and leaving it unbound by default, would be great.
Additionally, having the option to hold Ctrl or Alt while dragging off a pin to release it and create a reroute at the release point would be amazing.

You can double click a wire to create a reroute node.

Thank you. I did not know that.

If you do it for stetic and organize purposes, if Graph become very big, maybe is more useful repeat some nodes, and have less wires in the graph.

For instance, in Widget UI logic, is very common to much wires to Get Player Controller and others.

I not know if repeat nodes in the same Graph cost performance ingame. Compiler or packaging builder are smart enough to detect and solve these repeats ? Thanks