Reroute node for Material Editor

I am quite sure it was requested before, but regardless, i still would like to see Reroute node in material editor.
All my regular BPs are tidy and easy to navigate, while all my materials are nightmarish web that will one day summon great Spaghetti monster. Thanks for undersanding.

Caution: Undersanding is a fundamental risk for collapse :stuck_out_tongue:

(couldnt resist, have my silly 5 minutes :D)

I agree. This may also eliminate the excuse for messy material graphs from marketplace packages.

I suggested this quite a while ago click here] on the forums, and then bumped an AnswerHub post click here], and there have been even more users requesting this feature click here]. Ultimately, don’t hold your breath. This is the current status:

Samantha Sutton: “We added this request a while back, it’s referenced as: UE-6882. It’s currently unresolved and backlogged as more pressing issues have taken priority.”

Eric Ketchum: “This feature request was placed a while back as UE-6882. I have upped the community interest in getting it, but currently it is backlogged.”

You can do it yourself, by create several Material Functions that only take the input (scalar, V2,V3,MA…) and pass it to the output.

Im afraid the OCD gods wont take that offer :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump! I’m from Game FX so I script and use the material editor frequently. Please, please, please bring the reroute node to the material editor!

It needs just as much organization as the Blueprint editor for those using parameters, functions, organizing their shaders for distribution, etc.