Reroute Node Bug

So i came up with this problem with Reroute nodes.

This is the problem

I want to conect Remove Index to Break(ForEachLoopWithBreak)

So when i try to connect the first RerouteNode from the LEFT to Break, it bugges out.

If i try to connect the 2 RerouteNodes together, it bugges out as on IMAGE2

This isn’t a bug, so much as non-intuitive interface. Create the your second reroute node to the right of your first one rather than to the left, and the move it over behind the for loop, and it will work as you intend.

The reasoning is as follows:
Reroute nodes, like all nodes have two sides, connections going in and connections going out. In general, connections in come from the left, and connections out come from the right. Wires always go from an output to an input. One input can have many wires into it, but execution outputs can only go to one place. Unlike all other nodes however, reroute nodes only have one little icon to attach wires to, which makes it look like they are the same (rather than the two arrows you see on a larger node like the branch). When you drag out a new reroute node from an existing one, the direction you dragged the wire determines if it connects to the input or output of the previous reroute node.

What has happened, is that the left reroute node already had it’s output connected to the input of the node on the right, rather than the other way around. Notice how in the second picture, both the execution wire from the left reroute node and from the remove index node snake around to enter the left side of the right-hand reroute node. This indicates that both are connected to the “input” side of the reroute node, and neither to the “output”.

Here in 2024 to say this is definitely a bug. Even if you add the reroute nodes from left to right, the layout will get completely messed up as soon as you start moving them around.