Requirement to learn UEngine

Hi community, im new in this topic creation of games/animation

Now Im studing programming and i love games, im really interesting to know how to use the Unreal Engine, but my design/draw skills really sucks.
My question is, is viable participate in Uengine class without design/draw skills and only use programming abilities?

Sorry for my simple and bad english, is not my main languaje.

I have no drawing skills and I am making out just fine.

Obviously if you don’t have a certain skillset you will have to find help or pay for assets at some point if you want to release a good polished game, but you can go pretty far programming and prototyping by yourself.

It depends on what exactly you will do in that unreal engine class :slight_smile: -> but you dont need any art skills when you use the UE4. For prototyping you can always use the stuff that you can find on the marketplace + learn tab