Required: Base Game error on Push to Stage

Hi, I feel pretty stupid working on this backend but I keep getting this error “Required: Base Game” on the Push to Stage. I have setup everything and even done a test Artifact to get that sorted. I am just trying to get the base page up so that I can accept wishlists. Anybody able to help me out here? Nic

Hey Nic! I looked at your current setup and it seems like you’re almost there! You’ll want to do the following:

  1. Go to Dev Portal → Your Organization → Select your product → Epic Games Store → Release Management.
  2. In the Dev Sandbox overview, click the “Push To Stage” button.
  3. Select the only offer you have in the “Offer and Page Data” area (at the bottom). This will also automatically select your artifact in the “Artifact data” area.
  4. Click the big blue “Push To Stage” button on the top-right-hand side.

As an aside, I also noticed that you had entered a specific launch date. When a specific launch date is set, we ask that the build provided be your release candidate and that it abides by our requirements. I know you said you were just looking to get the page up so that you can start collecting wishlists, so if your build isn’t ready to go just yet, I’d recommend changing from a specific launch date to an estimated one. You can then go back and change to a specific launch date once the build is ready to go.

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Thanks DougE - Ill check that out tomorrow. appreciate the assistance.

This worked for me! I had a specific release date set. I have changed the Offer and set “Estimated” release date. Then it allowed to push it to Stage.