Requiered to Login for Documentation. But can't login

I see a lot of links to helpful Documentation for UE4, but when I click on them I am asked to login. I have tried my old Login (for the old Epic Forums URL) as well as my UE4 Login (the one you use to download UE4); which is the same as the UE4 AnswerHub. None of these logins work. At all.

Here is the link to a example Documentation.

But then INSTANTLY redirects me to this page (the login screen)!?p=31807215%23post31807215#MovetoStreamingLevel

And like I said, neither of my login credentials work.

So my question is. What in the world is going on? I keep finding possibly helpful links, but can’t ever utilize them because of this problem.

Thanks for any help given.

Hi Freakazoid,

When UE4 launched, we moved the documentation to a new URL. You can now find them here. Any links to will most likely no longer work. The file paths have changed as well, so simply replacing “rocket” with “docs” won’t help. I did a quick search for “Move To Streaming Level” and I think the page you would be looking for is this one, specifically the Move Level tool. Just watch the documentation links that you are seeing and if you see something linking to, please let whomever posted the link know that it needs to be updated.


hai, Why allways cannot open program and can’t sign ?


Unable to reach the epic servers at this time.

Hi jepank,

What program are you trying to open and sign into?