[Requests] for blueprint functionality

  1. Please look at making the functionality of adding and using local variables within blueprint functions more like the normal blueprint class variables. I understand why one might want to differentiate as much as possible between the two, but only allowing one node of the local variable on the function graph at a time creates a huge mess. Because local variables only show up in functions, people should understand the difference quickly enough.
  2. It would be nice to have some kind of 2D array support within blueprints.

#1, it’s already done if you check out the last twitch stream, it takes a little while until you get it though if you’re using launcher version of the editor though. It looks exactly the same as other variables, it just is available in the scope that you define it.

Guess I need to start watching those. Thanks for the heads up.

A cool node will be a "spawn static mesh Component from array "

This is how I see this being implemented


[Request] Commenting out blueprint nodes

I would love to see the ability to disable/comment out nodes - essentially the execution path would just skip over the nodes in question.

Why? **Massive **pain to disconnect/reconnect nodes or setup logic to bypass the nodes in question.

I was using unreal 4 for over 2 years in a AAA studio setting and one thing that kept popping up among the designers was how this clunky workflow to disable nodes was such a huge time sink, especially when prototyping.


Just collapse nodes. Then you can disconnect the whole system if you take out input. It looks very clean, you can build another system instead old one and if you change your mind - you one click away from old system, which you can bring back immediately.

That’s definitely one way but it’s only 2 clicks less than detaching the begin/end wires and rewiring the gap. :wink:

When i’m prototyping my blueprints can get pretty messy, as I am working fast, so they’re not always easy to collapse and I prefer to have them fully visible when comparing execution logic etc. I’m often rewiring around single nodes, moving chunks around etc, basically I’m looking to prevent clicks as it can get really intensive.

I believe this made it into 4.2!