• A display similar to the FPS counter in terms of size and placement for “Mesh draw calls” and triangle count, maybe memory too; that doesn’t take up the whole screen and we can just leave on to make optimizing quicker and easier.
  • To make it so that when selecting an actor, it doesn’t move the actor if I accidentally slide the mouse a bit while clicking it. This is driving me crazy and I’m sure other people, especially in an engine that ‘was designed around modular pieces’. Make it so you have to double click it to grab and move it or put a delay or minimum amount of mouse movement thats more than a very small amount before it moves. In a 3D environment, do people actually click and drag objects usually anyway? I doubt it; maybe take it out all together.
    -Change something that happens when using a cylinder box brush: if you try to make a simple, but complex shape in it’s eyes, it adds extra splits to the ends of it that no one would ever use, but limits the use of the brush: I tried to make a gutter for a building that had 5 angles on the ‘decorative’ side plus 2 at 90 degrees for the top and back, and couldn’t without adding splits to the ends of it that break up the texture.
    -Make the ‘hitbox’ for selecting the edge of a box brush easier. No ones selecting a face within 2 pixels of the edge anyway.
    -Make the “Pan” option in surface properties more simplified in terms of measurements and give us the ability to move materials in smaller increments; lining up materials around a corner is a pain as it is now.


  • No BP_Skysphere after download, verified the files, still no sky sphere, verified again, still no skysphere. Googled it, people have been having this issue since 4.14. We need skyspheres.
    -When using box brushes with geometry edit tool, if you undo ctrl + z them, the outline of it moves, but the engines render of the actual object stays in place until you move the outline. It makes me have to move it, when I just want it where it was, and screws up the undo history.
    -When using box brushes with geometry edit, if you undo ctrl +z them multiple times, the engine sometimes forgets the history of it and skips over it and/or crashes.
    -When using box brushes and the geometry edit tool sometimes you can’t select sides that have been made small, it just turns it yellow, outlines it in yellow with no arrow widget.
    -Sometimes (rarely) when selecting a box brush, it will select it but the arrow widget won’t show up. Deleting and remaking the piece from scratch is the only option.
    -I’m not sure, but I think the extrude function in the geometry edit tool doesn’t work all the time when it’s supposed to.
    -I don’t know if it’s a new bug or my mouse is wearing out, it wasn’t doing this last week, but when I try to select an actor, the arrow widget flashes yellow, but it doesn’t select the actor. All day today I had to double click them to get them to select. Doesn’t show an issue in any other program I use so.
  • I know box brushes aren’t what most people are using, but for simple shaped things, it’s faster to make them in the engine, and all I need for 95% of the things I need to make, these little things are killing my momentum, work flow, and me. Opening the engine up for free opens it to a lot of small and independent developers, and the little bits of time and stress add up on us more. I’m a relaxed person and haven’t been upset at anything in a long time, but these last few weeks, I’ve got a new wrinkle in my forehead and a few new grays in my beard; and I loose a lot of time when I have to step away from what I’m doing out of stress. I try to work on another part for the time being, but then I run into issues there usually too, please fix the little things.

  • Using 4.18.3

  • i7 4790K, gtx 1060, 16g ram.