Requesting loot tables for where higher quality dino saddles drop.

So I started the ark dev kit DL via epic game launcher and left it to run through the night, it is currently at 19% (3rd world bandwidth)

The reason I started the download was to check where the saddle BPs of the various dinos drop. I’ve found a few posts on reddit that have loot tables but none of them are complete.
On the previous server I played we raided an amazing rock golem saddle BP, however now we need one on our current server and for the life of me I can’t find where they drop.
It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could post a completed loot table for the various beacons and cave/deep sea drops. Or maybe just where the rock golem saddle BP drops?

Thanks in advance

Something like that might have just been added by the mod author. It’ll take awhile, but honestly just finishing the install would be worthwhile in this situation. It’d be much easier to view the rock golem saddle and view its references. Plus, you’re going to need a full and up to date list if you want to override the supply crate via .ini, or you’re going to need the dev kit to edit a supply crate anyway.