Requesting Help Integrating Max MSP Into UDK

Hello Community,

I did not see a particularly appropriate place to put this post, so I am placing it here. I am attempting to get UDK and Max MSP to communicate with each other. So far my research has pointed me towards UDKOSC and while there is some information to be had out there on the interwebs I am having trouble deciphering it and could really use the help of an expert if there is one out there willing to help. I am an audio engineer with a fairly good understanding of UDK itself and I am steadily building my Max MSP chops. I do not currently have any programming chops, but I consider myself smarter than the average bear and I am very happy and quick to learn anything needed to accomplish my goals. Please bring unto me your wisdom community. Thank you.


This isn’t the UDK forum, this forum is for UE4.
You might have better luck here: UDK - Epic Games Forums

Understood. Thank you.