[Requesting Help] Graph/Bp Teleport

so i threw together a teleport system that works in pie but i cant get it to work ingame so i have 2 questions and any help would be awesome

1 what do i base a Default actor “no parent” to make it structure(placeable) ect cause the origin base isnt available?
at present u cannot make a no parent actor be used as a placeable obj and using a sign with no actual sign aint working in ark

2 can someone take a look at my graph and see if its wrong :slight_smile:

thanks guys

Children of player pawn test are still considered to be that class as far as I understand - so probably didn’t need to test is child of in that situation - you could have just checked if the player pawn test overlapped. Obviously you’ll want to delete the print string not server side (but its fine for testing) otherwise I think it’ll be okay - but best to test it rather than someone saying its okay. Don’t forget you can leave the blueprint up and test it in editor to see the chain of events fire in the bp.

it works in pie but as soon as i try to run it in ark it doesnt work anymore i used a sign as a base if that helps but its basically put 2 down walk into one and it walks out the other am i doing something wrong?

anyone got any ideas its either the codes messed or triggerboxs ect dont work in ark i no alot of ppl have been having the same problem with things not working in ark but working in pie just want some verification

I don’t think the authorities are scripted in correctly if it is not working outside of PIE or Local Play. Took a look at the authority blueprint and why the double branch back to back? One has no out put at all for false as well, which may be the culprit.