Requested a refund...

I recently requested a refund for the Modern Solider Camo Pack because it is not what it said it was and it does not work what so ever. I emailed support about a 4 days ago and yet to hear a response. I would like to get a refund in either store credits if their is such thing or through the payment method which i used which is via PayPal. Thank you

Hey ClassyGentleman,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems. Support usually takes a few days to respond, there are usually numerous emails sent their way from both sellers and buyers. They also don’t usually respond on weekends. If you haven’t heard back by Monday/Tuesday send Stephanie a message and she should be able to assist you.

It is also worth noting that when a request for refund is received, the marketplace staff contacts the seller and gives them a few days to respond to/rectify the issue before delivering a verdict on whether it will go through. This could also be a reason for why you’ve yet to hear back yet.

Can you refund me for a Starter pack (I’m French) Please