[Request] World streaming vertically

The new world streaming stuff is great – for standard terrain based maps. In my case however, I have a need to go high… several hundred kilometers high. Specifically I am trying to recreate a space elevator. Any chance of getting support for streaming levels vertically as well as horizontally?

seconded. - useful for flight sims including comercial and military as well as games, space games and parachute drop games/sims.

Thirded :slight_smile:

+1, I’d like to see this as well.2

Discussions about this have come up many times on the forums for World Machine, though I don’t think the software supports it like Terragen does, and I doubt UE4 Subscription allows for planet-sized landscape options.

A simpler proposal might be a blueprint for a gimbal effect - shaking a room/vehicle the player is in - and then warping them from one map to another, adding cloud cover to make the transition seamless.

What does World Machine have to do with anything? I’m not talking about the creation of terrain. All i’m talking about is the level streaming tech in UE4 which allows the creation of larger levels that stream in chunks while resetting the player location etc to allow very large maps. I just want it to be able to stream going UP as well.

Yes I can cop out and do a transition, and that is probably what I will need to do for now, but it isn’t the end result I Want, nor need. I need the ability to go from ground to space without hand waving. If the tech can stream on X and Y, I don’t see any reason it can’t do the same on Z.

Epic start to consider the 3D worlds please, because all systems for worlds in the engine only work in horizontally.

Please add support to have vertical layers in the World Composition/Level Stream and support to vertical LODS in the landscapes (this one is already reported).