Request World Scale

Can we have the scale tool not only work in local?

Not to sound rude, but I’m genuinely curious as to what you would need this feature for? I’ve never had to use world scale for an object that had it’s orientation predefined in a 3d app, especially when it’s in the editor. (and if I remember correctly, UDK has never had non-uniform scaling in world space either).

Well, lets say you are working on a scene and have a multitude of objects you’re working with and want to scale up, lets say it’s some rocks on a cliff side, if you scale them all up in the local space they just scale as you would assume, if they scaled in the world space it would scale them as if they are all one object as you know, so then you don’t have to re-position them afterwards. This increases productivity and is just a nice feature in general, I don’t get why that would not be a useful feature. Sure it’s not OMG I NEED THIS, but it would be nice and make life easier in some situations.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your feedback. This is a feature that has been discussed by our developers before. Unfortunately, scaling around non-local axes causes objects to shear/skew. The editor does not support that kind of transformation on meshes and components. If there is anything else that you would like to see featured in the editor, please let us know.

Thank you,


I know this is old, but can I request this be reopened/reconsidered? Based on their description, I do not think the OP was suggesting actual proper “world space scaling”, which would lead to skewing, but rather, they were complaining about how scaling multiple objects always causes them to scale independently, locally, which, while useful, is not a super-commonly needed action as a “shared pivot scaling”, which is what I think the OP actually was asking for.

The OP was essentially requesting the behavior seen when you group actors together and then scale–the entire group is scaled from a single selection/pivot point.

That Group>scale>Ungroup method is a bit of an unwieldy workflow for quick edits…and imho scaling based on the pivot from the last selected actor, which is consistent with how the move and rotate tools work, is a much more versatile default scaling behavior.