[Request] Web Interface in UMG?

Hey Epic Games and everybody else reading this,
I recently re-read the update changelog from 4.6 and I saw there this “WEB BROWSER UI WIDGET”.
This is for Slate, but I am not making or planning to make a plugin, but if its for Slate, it should’nt be that hard to get this into UMG? I mean a Web Browser Interface in UMG would make my things more easier, for example a MessageOfToDay windows which gathers access to my self-hosted web-page to display the current motd. I hope you will add something like this into 4.7 or later :slight_smile:

It’s not hard to make it work for UMG. However it doesn’t work on all platforms and so I don’t want to wrap it and mislead people. If anyone needs it now and is PC only (Mac soon) they can make their own UWidget wrapper for it.

Ok hopefully somebody is making a plugin for that :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for some basic improvements to the web browser?

It feels like it’s been forgotten about. Has the most basic interaction which is often buggy. Plus I don’t think it’s had an update since release?

No plans, but I welcome pull requests. The goal was to have just a simple wrapper, because not every platform will have CEF, some platforms will just have to show an embedded browser with barely in other abilities than to load a page (e.g. no js communication).

It would be great if someone could get a bit more functionality out of it. I have something basic working in vr but it’s very limited and not user friendly at all. Its a shame as i can think of all sorts of useful projects people could do with good interactive virtual web browser.

Also do you have any idea why the browser shows a brighter image and if there’s a quick fix i could do? Thanks.

Can anyone kindly advise when the UMG Web Browser will come out of the *experimental *stage? Sincere Thanks in advance.

It’s fairly obvious… never. Stuff doesn’t stay “experimental” for 2 years, it’s been abandoned.

They haven’t fixed the browser widget running at a laughable 25 fps either.