[Request] Volume Button?

Sometimes it would be nice to launch a game from the editor with no sound. Can a button be added to the editor that controls the game’s master volume?

Hi Skylar,

Thank you for your feedback. I have reviewed the issue and it seems that we currently have a commandline function “-nosound” that can be run to turn off all sounds. However, there is not a way to change the sound beforehand. I have created a feature request for sound control options for PIE and the Editor to be available in the Preferences.

Thank you,


Sounds great Alexander. Thank you.

If you’re using windows 7 it is possible to open up the volume mixer (click the speaker icon in taskbar) and mute only UE4!

I think sound controls in editor are a good idea. Every time I launch shootergame my speakers explode.

Awesome. I didn’t realize you could control the volume per app in windows 7:) Thanks for letting me know.