[REQUEST] Voice Chat Tutorial 4.21

Hello everyone, I have searched the ends of the Earth for a voice chat tutorial in Unreal Engine 4 using the default Unreal NULL Subsystems, for dedicated server, etc. NOT STEAM.

There was a plugin that stopped working past 4.18, and apparently voice chat broke in 4.19, and now works again.

If someone can point me in the right direction, or personally help me to get it working, I will make a clear cut video tutorial on YouTube, because it should NEVER be this ridiculously confusing.

There is very little documentation on it, and I refuse to believe it’s truly that difficult. Would anyone be willing to help out?

If you can personally guide me through the process, I will even offer payment at this point. I’ve been at a stand still for 5 months with getting voice chat to work.

Thank you ahead of time,


Feels the same.

Here’s a good tutorial that explains how to implement Voice Chat and the session system in UE4 : The easy way to add Voice Chat into your multiplayer Unreal Engine 4 Game - Couch Learn

I got it working in 4.20.3, for Windows, for Android, and for a Google VR chat hosted by a dedicated server, thanks to this tutorial. It might also works for 4.21.

this work in dedicated server?