[Request] Visually grouping Details > Default variables into categories


Minor one, not essential but would be nice to have:

Can we have a way of visually grouping Details > Default variables into different categories, visually collapsable (under a tiny arrow, for example), or at least with a title and dividing line/bar.
This would be a good means of organizing the blueprint public variables in the Defaults tab. Also the title of each category would help the level designer/artist figure out faster the purpose and effect of each variable.
As an example, I would put in my own Class Blueprint for a wolf character the categories “Behavior” and “Sounds” (only hypotetical examples):

bIsMemberOfPack (X)
RoleInThePack (AlphaMale)
Agressiveness (5)
DefaultHowl (LongHowl.wav)
HuntingHowl (Howl2.wav)

Thanks in advance

Or instead of grouping under Default, we could create new categories (aside form Actor, Rendering etc).

There should already be a ‘Category’ option when you select a variable, which will allow you to select an exiting Category, or enter a new one.

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Ah, thanks!
I was trying to create a category in the Details pane of a Collapsed Node, and after creating variables using “Promote to variable” on my Inputs.