[Request] Unreal Editor tool to create a SkeletalMesh from StaticMeshes

Hi guys,

following my question that I posted here I’m posting this request to have a tool within the Unreal Editor allowing us to create a SkeletalMesh out of StaticMeshes that we have imported into our library.

As you can read on the other question I pointed above a good example of use for non-artists would be using some static meshes provided with the starter contents to create a WheeledVehicle. This would let us test and tweak vehicles before they get a proper model. This would let programmers like me test out the vehicles (or characters or anything that needs a SkeletalMesh) without the need of a modeler to work for us first.

Thanks a lot in advance for taking this into consideration for a future update. I’m really hoping this can be integrated later because it would be of so much help for us.