[Request] UMG TextBox iOS

When using UMG Editable Text Box with iOS, it will pop up the keyboard, but it also pops up this alert box with a second text box. This second alert seems unecessary, is it possible we can have the input go directly into the textbox in our UI? Instead of an unstyled iOS Alert box? There may be some limitation here I’m unaware of, but I think it would be nicer to skip the alert.

Maybe at some point in the future, by launching the alert box we avoided needing to make the implementation a lot more complicated. We would either need to insert into the frame an actual OS editable text field, and make that portable. Or we would need to allow the user to manipulate the slate editable text box in the same way as they would the OS box, supporting all expected functionality, like Copy/Paste, or insertion via moving the cursor…etc.

We took the path of least resistance and just used the alert box, which is pretty common thing for a most apps and it solves all the technical problems. Also text entry just isn’t all that common on iOS/Android games.

I would like to be able to do it inline in the future for sure. In the mean time you could definitely build yourself a Slate widget that would force the creation of the iOS keyboard and captured all the input and displayed the resulting text, and only handle the cases you care about. For us to do it, it will take a lot longer.

Any update on this post ? i have the same issue on simple TextBox on iOS ?

thanx !!!

Is there any update on whether this is still the case? Would love to be able to dodge the iOS popup box

The setting “use integrated keyboard” fixed it for me. It’s under iOS project settings

This works for me. Thank you so much!

Using the integrated keyboard but cant seem to get copy/paste to work… is there something i need to be turning on. Its a Editable Text (Multi-Line)