[Request] UMG animation interpolation modes

So, currently UMG enables animation through the proto-sequencer, which works fairly well, with one very clear exception: the keyframe interpolation only currently supports linear interpolation, which is pretty limited. While it is certainly possible to fake most other interpolation curves with enough keys, it’s a pretty ugly, tedious process.

Lacking the option of Timeline components for widgets makes it even harder to fully hand off to artists.

At the very least (assuming curve assets aren’t possible), I’d like to see Discrete interpolation, Cubic, or possibly the ability to specify an easing function/direction. Ideally, we could select a single keyframe for a single property and directly set the interpolation type, or curve asset. This is a priority for our UI artists, and currently their largest gripe about the system.

It would definitely be awesome to have this in the engine, but this is the very reason we decided to port over iTween, which will do exactly what you’re looking for on any object without the need to key each individual one. Find it here: [Open Beta] Procedural On-the-Fly Animation in UE4: iTween! - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums!

-Dozens of built-in Easetypes
-Works on every platform Unreal Engine supports
-Works with UMG

-Still in beta

It’s certainly workable, but it’s not a great solution in general for UI. It’s a very “codey” solution, when the goal would be to have something more “contenty”. I want artists to be artists, and myself to… not have to worry so much about content.

I see, however, in the updated roadmap the 4.7 features include UMG Sequencer work. Could Nick Darnell or Matt Kuhlenschmidt could comment on what the short term plan is there? This is one of the largest areas of contention in selecting Unity vs. Unreal (odd as that sounds)