[Request] Twinblade setup tutorial

is there any tutorial to create like attack using twinblade animation like this video:

the author of this animation package seems offline for very long time and will not response to any request

neither marketplace nor email nor youtube !!

anyone one ?

to me it looks like just an animation set, so anybody with animation skill could create them.
for the usage I guess it is just like any weapon usage scenario, socket, on collision do damage. or as complex as you like.

i’m not talking about how to make like this animation (i’m not animator), niether about attaching weapons ( i already know this >.< ) !
i’m asking for how to setup these animation for combo, montage, and events,
how to make character do the combo sequence without need to return to idle animation !
so before character return to idle from attack need to move to next attack in something like blend between attack1 and attack2

it s not difficult. In ur AB just link / sequence the animations to each others in the order of the combo u need, setup a variable “return2Idle” - set up each one of those anims to have a transition to Idle if the bool var triggered. Super simple with a simple StateMachine

if you need more guiding just try Google and search for unreal engine combo. guves a ton of videos demos tutorials and intros. And if I remember right the arpg example uses combis too

@y4nnn you mean setup combo through stateMachine instead of montage ?
@tom_m i already searched for it but couldn’t apply it on this package (twinblade) for some reason :confused:

Edit: i finally managed to get it working using animation montage, thanks anyway for helping