Request tutorials here!

Hi guys!

I’m planning on starting a tutorial series on youtube soon, and would like to know what would you guys like to see the most!

Here are the “major topics” I intend to cover. These are the things I feel comfortable talking about, and have some experience. The idea is to expand each major-topic:

  • Material creation - creating dynamic materials, creating and using “master” materials and instances, effects
  • Archviz - Advanced stuff about Archviz on UE4. Better cameras, global illumination, using high quality meshes and materials, how to convert stuff from Vray to be used on UE4
  • Game Design - focus on different gameplay types and how to create them using Blueprints
  • Level Design - I’ll talk about level design that I learnt while working on Nebula: Sole Survivor
  • General Blueprint - Small tips and tutorials on “how to do this using BP”, probably using other games as reference
  • Polishing - How to achieve that AAA look and feel, what things to look for, premade assets (from the Marketplace)

If you want to see tutorials about something that’s not on this list, post it here too! There’s a chance I can talk about that topic too.


could you pls start with mid to advance tutorial as basic is already explained a lot i youtube so we get new tutorial about things we don’t know and not to wast time in duplicate .

I like your list and my request if i may is if you make a blueprint tutorial can you pls start with casting ? i mean a big tutorial that cover to much about casting as till now i were able to make a full playable game but still can’t figure out 100% how the casting work as sometime it doesn’t and required a reference in object that i can’t solve . thanks for helping unreal community :slight_smile:


I think Tutorials about Modelling / Animating for unreal engine would be nice :).
Polishing is a great idea also.

Anmation and stable networking architecture for 64+ players

Hi brunogruber could you please make a complete tutorial step by step on character weapon mechanics.

Have Simple Cahracter run,walk,crouch can equip weapons, switch between 2 or more weapons, including equip and throw [ie:.grenades] while still equipped with projectile weapon.Reload.
So If player has 2 weapons equipped, can change between the one equipped and one found in the level.
Have that player throw a punch or kick melee while weapon equipped. Duke Nukem style!]
The HUD system [possibly animated] for the equipped weapon ammo and display for health and equipped throwable weapons.
The animations for the these to blend between reload, equip, run, walk, crouch, etc.
I understand that there are tutorials for a few or all of these things, but none that does it all in one, as everyone has there own way of doing things, when you try to put it all together it doesnt work!
If you could do this please, I would be really grateful!


Hey, these are awesome suggestions. I also have this little arcade shooter side-project. It’s somewhat similar to the Epic’s spaceship flying demo, but more “game-like”, with correct collisions and all that. It plays a lot like the old Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games. Would a tutorial covering this kind of thing be interesting to anyone?

One tutorial on how to make a good AI for vehicle, race and/or traffic, would be nice. ^-^

Advanced tutorials.

Youtube and internet overall are filled with generic tutorials.

I’d love dynamic materials, c++ tutorials, even a guide to use BLUI with UE and other stuff tied to UE.

Hi brunogruber Yeah that would be great if it was an advanced tutorial, for lets say , targeting enemy ships, with missile lock both for enemies and enemies locking onto you.
maybe add an option to a VR cockpit :slight_smile:

But I would mostly like my previous suggestion first please :slight_smile:

Yeah fortunately I think UE4 and community are starting to mature into more advanced tutorials now (which is great!)

A Tutorial on how to set up a large scale map including optimizations and merge actor with Instanced Static mesh could be quite nice. Basically how to get good FPS with a huge terrain! I know there are some but at a very base level.

I am surprised no has made some kind of horde mode tutorials for any type of games, FPS/TPS or even arcade style

One type of tutorial I can’t find anywhere is a Golf game. With the ability in UE4 to create amazing landscapes all you would really need is to know how to do the blueprints for things like swing the club, club hitting the ball, ball going into the hole and so on.


  • lerp betweeen 2 textures using light vector(if possible)so basically one texture each to where the light hits the player/mesh and another different texture to the shadows.
    -dynamic materials that changes over time say a metal wall turns into rusty and worn out over time.

Modular Pawns- have the player mix and match parts(head,body,arms,legs etc.) then be able to use it in game.

Game Design- Risk/ Capture point game mode, Racing/Mario Kart game modes aside from Time trial, Grand prix etc.

Interactive doors, drawers like in Amnesia game where you have to manually open/close drag.

How to setup local multiplayer.

Swap between multiple characters, similar to fighting games where you on the fly change between different characters

I’d love a tutorial of how to make characters/actors stick to surfaces like in this:

i’d like to see how to make handling item like in amnesia
i made a BP that allows me to drag and drop items but they behave very strange