[request] tutorial for importing daz charecters into Unreal Engine 4

i can do the basic import and i also have 3dxchange5 too but the issue being mainly the hair and eyes (eyelashes) i know unreal engine 4 has a material viewer /editor too but. I am not a pro . if anyone can possibley create a tutorial that would be great. mainly getting rid of the eyelash/eye issues and the sometimes hair issues too :-).


note: i dont need it for “game ready” assets. mostly using the engine as a tool for making cool cinematic videos at the moment as a hobby :slight_smile: i.e. so doesnt matter about the high polycount of some of the models since i can just render the scene as a video from the editor :slight_smile:

update managed to import a charecter and animation but again the hair and eyes arnt perfect (this case the eyes woudnt load)

still looks nice in the engine anyways though :-).

Take a look at this :smiley:

ok thanks :slight_smile: will do. Would be nice if epic would work with DAZ in the future maybe to have easier export to Unreal Engine 4 thatd be cool :-p who knows. or someone can make a plugin for the Engine (since the entire source code is avaible) :slight_smile: but good to know for now!

oh it seems that tutorial only covers the eyes and such what about the hair? at it has issues too maybe i can use the same techniques i guess. (goes to rewatch video)

Also take a look of this. This doesn´t come from Daz but can give you an idea.


For eyelashes and hairs , you need to change the settings in the material editor. In Daz, usually there is no diffuse texture , only one opacity texture , for the eyelashes. So what you need to do is , plug the texture in the opacity channel within the material editor and change the material’s bland mode to “Translucent”. That should do the trick. For hair , plug the diffuse , opacity and normal textures to the respective channel and then change the material’s blend mode to “Translucent”. If you don’t get the desired result , you need to play with the other parameters.



Have you found a way to make the eyes work?
The eyes do import here, but the texture are out of place and to large.


I was having trouble with the eyes too. After using the Texture Atlas, I was able to bring in the figure with its materials without error except the eyes appear white with no material. Do I simply need to change its material properties to translucent?


Fixed the eye and eyelash issues.

I figured it out.

After using texture atlas feature in Daz Studio on the UV map, it no longer gave me mipmap or power of 2 errors, and imported quicker (still about 30 min).

However I noticed the eye materials didn’t work so I played around and figured out the problem.
For some reason the reflection maps and cornea material displayed as simply opaque white balls on the eye of the character, covering up the iris and the pupil.

I played around with the opacity of the node with a constant but in the end I found that basically turning off or turning the opacity to 0 on the cornea and reflection made for a better look.

For the eyelashes I replaced the atlas texture sample, with one that was only for the eyelashes. I then modified that eyelash texture a whole lot in Ps after experimenting with the material editor in Ue4 and kept updating it on the realtime model until it looked right.

I only put the texture in the opacity input of the material node since that automatically masks and inverts the colour of the texture. No base colour necessary.

I have included the eyelash texture that will work on genesis 2 female (after texture atlas) inside Ue4.

I know it is some time ago, that somebody have written on this thread.
But I found a way, to make it work on Unreal Engine 4 (Or sort of).

I have used 3D Daz for some characters and had many of the issues, as you guys have been reported. (But I use Blender and only Blender)

But I found this site here :

I am thinking about, makeing a youtube.
I hope it helps for some of you. (And yeah, still have issues with the eyes.) But besides that, quality is good.

Hugz Cheers

Is it possible to export FBX animation directly from Daz into UE4? I tried couple of times but in UE4 kept getting the “no animation take found” error and the animation is not imported.

I tried to export from DAZ to UE4 via Mixamo, some mess with the mesh. Could this problem be because of the retargeting naming convention?

opps! wrong thread

Ever since Mixamo was aquired by Adobe Fuse has been a problem. I went from 1.2 to 1.3 and then tried the new Fuse CC and the old 1.3 .fuse files are useless cause of the naming. With Daz Studio I think you can do the same as you would with Poser. As it stands though it seems like Fuse is kind of dead in the water which is a shame cause it is rather user friendly and such. I believe there is a thread on the Daz forum about it. If I can find it I will post it.