[REQUEST] Tutorial for custom animations

I have a few animations that I want to insert inside the default Ue4 character. So far, I was able to create a new state inside the animblueprint. I added a variable there, that when true the animation will blend to that new animation that I added. When false, it will blend out. Ok, but now what? How can I call this animation? Or how can I change the state from outside the animBlueprint?

So, it would be nice to have a tutorial showing every steps of how to after importing an animation, how to create all that, animation states, and then how to changed from inside the character Blueprint controller.

There are two graphs in the animation blueprint by default, the ** AnimGraph **where you setup the animation blending and state transitions, and the **EventGraph **where you manipulate the variables that drive the AnimGraph. If you look at the **EventGraph **of the animation blueprint of the default UE4 blue dude you can see the Animation Update event is used to set variables based on the current state of the character. If you want to influence the animation from outside the animation blueprint you can use the standard blueprint communication mechanisms in the ** EventGraph **(such as custom events, event dispatchers etc. which are well covered in the blueprint videos).

This info is all separated. A tutorial just for this that would help a person to learn how to do that from begining to end, would help a lot of people, I think.


Until this point I figure it out, spending a few ours looking at the examples. So, I have a variable inside the ** AnimGraph ** called “isLedgeGrabbing”.

Well, overthere I can find this: “Is Falling”, “Is Flying”, etc. So, how can have a function for “is Grabbing a Ledge” ? How do I do that? The animation that I am made is for ledge grabbing.


I notice that we have a custom MovementMode inside the MyCharacterBP, but how can we use that?