[Request] Tutorial for Blender>SubstancePainter>UE4 workflow

As the topic says, Im requesting a tutorial for Blender>SubstancePainter and to UE4 workflow. Learning how we can set up a proper workflow with the mentioned tools would be great. I tried to search on Google and YouTube but I didnt find any decent stuff related to this topic. Hope it can be done.

I currently use this workflow and it’s relatively trouble free. For a while there I needed to export with different settings to go from Blender>Substance Painter but SP seems to have fixed up their importer a bit and now handles my UE4-prepped .fbx files from Blender pretty well.

I’ll try to write something up on this if I can find the time, but for the most part it pretty much ‘works’ out of the box. SP has a UE4 Preset for exporting the texture maps so they should come over to UE4 in good shape.

Are there specific parts of the workflow that are causing issues for you?

Hi, I havent tried the Blender workflow yet, Im only used to Maya>SubstancePainter>UE4. So thats why Im asking for a proper setup tutorial, due to I know Blender is very different from the other DCC programs.

Thats the best thing about UE4. It just works!