Request to include PDF versions of the Educator Resources, and outlining a problem with docx format.

Hello, first of all I would like to thank Epic for not only creating these resources, but releasing them for free. You have changed the lives of many.

As the title implies Epic’s educator resources all come in docx, which without MS office tells you they are Open Office format, when downloading Apache open office, almost none of the docx files appear correctly right out of the box, converting them to pdf (just like Epic staff did in the blueprints with Marcos Romero livestream) shows the guides as intended, with no problems.

Also opening powerpoint files without MS Office renders some text difficult to read.

I know this isn’t a big deal, and that I’m in the minority of not owning MS Office, but I think offering a PDF version would be very beneficial to end users checking this content out for the first time. Attached are some sample images, I’m on a relativity fresh copy of windows 10.