Request to all buyers of assets

If you have bought an asset in the asset store it would be a great help for both sellers and future buyers if you would rate the product you bought. And maybe even write a comment or review about the product.

Remember, if you have give negative feedback and your issue is resolved, give a new review and rating to match the new standard of the product.

And yes, obviously I also do this to promote my own product. But I genuinely believe that ratings for all assets help the entire community as well.

Sorry but that is a double-edged sword and smacks of censorship. You should take both forms of feedback and not prefer one over the other or the point of feedback and ratings is pointless. You are allowed to edit your comments on the Marketplace, so unless you are hiding something, I think both positive and negative feedback should be provided.

Sorry but this is just my 2c and opinion. 8-}

I agree. it is very necessary. it rewards good work. one of the biggest problems is it’s heard to tell what you are buying with just 4 pictures and maybe a video

Point taken, I’ll remove that request from the post.

Indeed. I thinks it helps a lot and should reflect number of buyers in a soft way, but no one rates ~.~
I guess the reason is that rating system exist only in web version and people usually buy stuff from Marketplace in Launcher. Also rating does not exist in Launcher, so…

I would start by being more transparent Rasped… For starters which packs are yours?

Second, look at how SE_JonF (sci-fi hallways etc) interacts with the forums.
Its a better and more open way of reaching out to customers than beating them over the head…
I know criticism hurts sometimes but how about winning hearts and minds first instead…

This is probably the most important factor here, and I hope Epic are planning to include ratings and comments in the launcher some time in the future. Still, it is a fact for all online marketplaces that only a minority of users comment or vote.

My product is linked in my signature. It’s the Realistic Blueprint Weapons
I’m pretty active in the forums, I have an official support thread going here.
I have a Youtube channel with videos demonstrating features and how to set up weapons using my system :slight_smile: I do interact quite a bit.

And this was not meant to be a beat over the head kind of thing. It was merely a friendly request.

It’s just, less than 3% vote. But as zeOrb says, it’s probably because you can only vote on the web interface, hadn’t thought about that.

If I buy something that is really nicely done I will comment on the forums. If I get something I don’t really care too much for I down rate it on the marketplace. Either way I give a rating, but only the good gets a comment.

Assuming that I’m going to buy something from Epic’s Marketplace, hypothetically, I should give positive review of course, as I should trust in the quality control and by staying so long time in Trello … But, before to enjoying any Cool 4-Free Negative Review, I should to contact the author before. If our quality control in the marketplace does not fail, hypothetically, many of us, yes, we can fail, sometimes lack experience and poorly programming knowledge or any misunderstanding.

If I want to give some feedback, Then so be a positive review/feedback, in the direction of improvement. Or no review: I was indifferent. Or negative: It did not meet my expectations, I was mistaken, was poorly documented, I did not make it to work, Where did I go wrong? I Need Help! - If the author no longer corresponds to the quality standards imposed by Epic, does not offer security or assistance to marketplace customers, is simple, Epic should intervene notifying or even deleting our hypothetical slippery author.

But as qdelpeche said a few posts above, this is a “double-edged sword” …

Lastly, I still want more rely on the Epic’s marketplace than Sellfy.


they should just put a separate section in the forums, when a product in relaced on the marketplace then a separate feed is crated for feedback,

This is up to the individual sellers to create a thread on the forums under the Marketplace section.