[Request] Timeline "reversed" event?


Is it possible to add “Reversed” event to Timelines? It would be very useful to do things when timeline is fully reversed.

Why don’t you add this from the beginning? This functionality was in UE3 matinees.

Thank you.

Hi redbox,

Are you talking about adding a way of making a Matinee event playable in reverse without using blueprints?


No, I’m talking about Timelines in Blueprints.

Here is example:

When object is overlapped point light is on and timeline starts play animation
When overlap is finished, timeline reverse it’s animation, and only when it reversed and time = 0, light should be off.

So, I can’t get “reversed” event in current implementation, like it was in UE3 matinee.

Hi redbox,

The issue is the Timeline’s variable (NewTrack0) isn’t being fed into the SetVisibility. Try something like this.

Set the light back to visible, but change the Brightness to 0. Use a Set Brightness node, it will take a float for the value.

In the Timeline, set the Time to whatever time you like (mine is 2 seconds) and the Value to what Brightness you would like (mine is 10,000). Then plug the FloatTrack into the NewBrightness.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


The trouble is not in light or toggle. I really need to know, when timeline is reversed to 0 time. Not only in this case, but also in many others.

Ok, here is another example:

You have some sensor door, which starts to open, when some pawn enters into door’s collision sphere, and starts to close when pawn leaves that sphere.
And this door should play some “hammering” sound when it fully opened or closed.

To do this, you can use 2 timelines.
1st one will be started by “begin overlap”, and play animation of fully opened door. and you will use it’s “finished” event to play that “hammering” sound.
2nd one will be started by “end overlap”, and play animation of fully closed door. and you will use it’s “finished” event to play that “hammering” sound.

Or, you can use 1 timeline, which will be started on “begin overlap”, and reversed on “end overlap”.
Here you can play opened door sound on “finished” event, but can’t play closed door sound, because you don’t have any “reversed” event.
Ok. If you know time of opening animation, you can set some retriggerable delay, which is = time of opening animation, and play that “hammering” sound after delay.

But this is madness, because in better world, with timeline which can return “reversed” event, you can use only 1 timeline for all that script.

Hope this is clear.

Okay, I see now. You can accomplish this with one Timeline.

You will need to create a Branch before the sounds are played. I based mine of of a Vector movement track. When the Timeline finishes, if the vector equals 0 (closed) I play the closing sound. If it doesn’t equal 0 (open) I play the open sound.

Here are my Timeline tracks.

If you create the trigger in the bp you may have an issue where everything tries to play at once the first time you enter the volume. If you do, you may need to adjust your triggers collision settings.


If I misunderstood anything or you have questions, please post back.

Thank you for reply TJ.

Ok, I understand this solutions.

Maybe you still can make this topic as request for Epic devs, to add this “reversed” event to timelines in some future?

Yeah, I see how this could be handy to have. I’ve entered it as a feature request in our system. This doesn’t mean that it ‘will’ be put into the engine but our developers will definitely look into it.



Thank you! :slight_smile: