[Request] That !@#$%^& launcher again

I bet you get a lot of this.

Anyway, the launcher is taking up 1.5GB of memory. It loads by itself. I do a lot of reloading and I’m getting sick of needing to kill it multiple times per editor load. At work I only have 16GB of memory and the launcher being open is not on my list of things my employer wants me to be looking at and giving resources to when I code and run UE. At home where I have substantially more memory I let it stay open, but IT WON’T STAY MINIMISED.

There’s probably some way to get it to stay closed that I don’t know about, but I don’t really care about that. Can the launcher PLEASE stay closed? Your users aren’t idiots, we know how to find the marketplace. Feel free to make it the default launch icon after an install, but please respect the choice to quit it. I mean this sincerely, even as someone who has content on the marketplace: stop thrusting it in everyone’s faces. I’m actively blind to it and have a negative association with the launcher and I imagine others do too.

extremely second this.
So annoying. Especially since most the time I’m forced into multiple reloads often due to engine crashes.



is that an official hack? lol

every time it updates i hope this is the one with an option to stop it popping up all the time.

nice link James and a good find to Allar.
it would sure help people working from laptops as well

lets be honest there are a few things that need sorting with the launcher :frowning:


Thanks for the Link TheJamsh.