[Request] Terrain generation


As far as I know we can only generate a flat terrain. That would be great if you could implement something similar to cryengine’s terrain generator with parameters such as bumpiness, max height, things like that. And why not categories? That would be even better. For exemple we could choose to generate a valley terrain, a swamp terrain, stuff like that that would make life easier for open world/semi-open world level designers. Instead of having to sculp everything or create a map using an external software, we could do it right in the engine. An optional ocean would be great too, so lakes would be generated too at deeper areas of the generated map. To create further lakes/streams/rivers, we’d just have to dig the terrain using sculpting tools instead of curves.That would make UE4 so much better for open world games, especially RPGs.

What do you guys think?

Uhm, you can sculpt your terrain in UE4, or did I misunderstand you?

The Landscapes in UE4 lack water, which means you have to implement it by yourself.