[Request] Team Fundation Server support for Version Control

It would be nice if you could add the support for Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server for Version Control.


Hi Pavel,

You have made this a private question, do you mind if we make it public so that others can see the answer?

Hi Adam,
Not at all - go ahead(I tried but I can’t really change it via edit)

Hi Pavel,

I have added the request to our TestTrack backlog, issue # 325544.

I second this request!!! :slight_smile:

I’m the 3rd one. Would be nice.

And i’m the 4th one.

I would also like to see TFS as a source control provider for Unreal Engine.

What about adding in support for TFS’ build servers?

And I also this request++ :slight_smile:

All of our source is managed with our private TFS servers (for all platforms, since we use CLion for OSX coding and it has a TFS plugin included and obviously VS2015 has it) - it is extremely difficult to manage Unreal projects concurrently or in addition to existing codebases of ours. While we can migrate whatever needed to a TFS GIT based repo, I’m not sure how the authentication (since we use Active Directory integration with SSO/Kerberos) would work with Unreal.

Also, while M$ has improved Git support a lot, TFS is still best at — you guessed it — TFS Source Control Style! So, it would be a huge plus for Epic, and would also help many people who currently use pUnity and its native visual studio integration at least partially move to Unreal. I know of more than just a few people who’s single deciding factor for Unity was being able to manage the total project’s codebase VCS in Visual Studio with TFS…not saying that is the most logical thing, but sometimes people just aren’t very logical. Go figure!

Thanks for the awesome products and taking time to hear suggestions!

I support TFS too. git eats too much space and has shown to be problematic in just a short time of using it with UE4.

Any update on this? I would love a TFS plug in!!!

Does anyone know of any third party plug ins?