[REQUEST] TAG string for textures in a material

I would like to have some kind of TAG string that we could set inside a material for each texture that we have inside that material. And also a way to retrive this TAG, probably on a trace hit result.

If you look at the attached pic, you can see that I have a mesh with a vertex painted material. With this TAG thing, I could query the hit result and know the texture name under the hit, with only one material.

The way Ue4 works right now, using surface types, for the same mesh, I would have to use two materials.


Can’t you get the texture information if you use textures as parameters and then use a material instance for the mesh? It’s been a while since i last touched vertex painting so i dont know how/if it works with material instances but i think it should be fine.

Well, more or less. I was able to get the texture name, as parameter as you said. But it is not relative to the trace hit result. Because the trace returns the actor, then I can go into that actor and get its material parameters, but this is not relative to the hit point. That is why I said before: “And also a way to retrive this TAG, probably on a trace hit result.”

Do you have any other way of doing that? With just one material, I mean? Or could this be implemented inside the engine, just like a trace his returns a “Phys Mat”, returning a “Texture Tag”?

My BP:

Oh, i see the limitation now. It could work if there was a way to get the vertex color’s channels inside the blueprint(like you would a vector parameter value) but i dont think its possible. I cant think of any other way right now and i have no idea how it can be implemented. :\ But something like this would be useful for sure.

Right now there is no way to have multiple physical materials on a single graphics section. This is made tricky by the fact that we do not have access to the UV coordinates or mask textures on the CPU.