[REQUEST] Support for Logitech controller (specifically, G27 wheel/pedals)

I know this has been requested on the answer hub and in the forums elsewhere. With the vehicle templates, it would be nice to have support for some steering wheel controllers. Logitech’s wheels are pretty popular and that’s what I’ve seen as a big feature request. Although the user base that would like this feature iss small, I think maybe it would encourage more racing type games if it was easy to implement a good racing controller…like that G27 Steering wheel setup:)

Hi Tearl,

This is currently under consideration by the development staff, however it may take some time as our resources are allocated elsewhere at present.

Would be great.
Hope it’ll be universal for any input controllers. Like ‘Button 1’, ‘Button 2’…‘Axis 1’…‘Switch 1’…‘Haptic 1’…etc.
IMHO whole input system need to be redesigned. i.e. ‘W’ → ‘On Key Down’ with ‘W’ option, same for Gamepad and Mouse (some have ~20 buttons).

Have a look at the Joystick Plugin made by Ikarus76. It supports joysticks through DirectInput which may include steering wheels.

It’s based on the hydra plugin so it has input mapping support as well as component and interface api for more nuanced control.

That said I believe native engine support for Direct Input joysticks would be a great idea.