[REQUEST] - Stealth animations.

This forum mentions you can put requests in here, so here is mine.

I would like some stealth animations. The problem with the Epic animations I have seen is they are for figures who are armed.

So, I would love to see:

Crouching flat against the wall/on a ledge.
Walking flat against the wall/on a ledge.
Hanging, with movement left and right, and jump/drop blend. (Both against wall and free hanging).
Takedown from behind with knife.
Takedown from behind with sleeper hold.
Climbing ladder. (Bottom/climbing/top).
Dragging body animations.

Yeah, that’s quite a list. You animators have my respect! (And you’d have my money, too).

You might want to look into the Animations on Mixamo, there are a few which really fit your requirement and they are also rather cheap.

For Example I have searched “Stealth”, but there are a lot more suited for you in there.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I should have looked there first. I have Maximo Fuse.

They don’t have everything, though. But very good walking-while-crouching anims. Do the Maximo anims match up to UE4 properly?

I am using a Fuse Character and Mixamo Animations and everything works very good so far :slight_smile: