[request] something about saving manually

Okay so one big thing Im finding an issue is when Im messing about and I randomly crash the editor, if Ive been working on blueprint it doesnt save. Ive tried setting the autosave feature but it seems it saves everything but blueprints. It would be great if we could set it to save the types of files we want manually, for example someone might set all the animation files to save, or textures/materials. Or perhaps even being able to set the interval for each type as some kind of priority list. Its just extremely frustrating to be working away and have everything come undone because of a crash, I very rarely use the level window so saving in there is not a huge priority so I have that turned off.

Hey Daniel! Can you try turning on the editor preference for auto-saving content?

  1. Click Edit in the main menu and select Editor Preferences
  2. Click Preferences under the General heading
  3. Under the Auto Save section, enable Save Content

Your blueprints should save automatically during auto-saves. Please give us feedback on this. We’re considering whether this should be enabled by default, given how much work is spent on blueprints these days!


Yes I have this setup but it doesnt seem like my blueprints are auto-saving. I just did a quick test then set the timer right down and even a compiled ticked blueprint with a star in the content browser stays starred.

I actually couldn’t repro this myself. I dirtied some Blueprints by dragging nodes around and tweaking properties. After the auto-save countdown, temporary copies of the assets were saved into my project’s “Saved/Autosaves” subdirectory. I tried both with and without Blueprints that had been “compiled” after my changes, and it worked correctly both times. Can you provide precise repro steps?


Ahh okay so yup youre correct Im getting the file updated in there. So it must be when I open it back up it doesnt use the latest auto save if its newer than the normal asset, I have to do that manually.

Maybe I didnt have it on before since its per project and I might have set it up in another project and not this one. I think having it on by default would be beneficial. Thanks.

Right. We don’t want to actually auto-save over your original content. Because you never know, you may have just been messing around and not wanting to keep those changes. I’ll look into adding a feature that will present you with auto-saved assets that you might want to “recover” after a crash. Thanks for the feedback!!


No worries thanks for helping me out, least I know where to look now if things go sour again :slight_smile: