[Request] Sockets Tutorial

Hi all,

I’m looking for someone who’s knowledgeable about sockets: how to add, manipulate, and utilize them. I’ve found very limited information about them.

Specifically, I’m trying to figure out how to add passenger seats to a raft. I’d also like to know if it’s possible (and, if it is, how) to “snap” a static mesh (something with regular snap points) to a skeletal mesh (something that does not have regular snap points). Is this done with sockets, BP graphing, or both?

Thanks to anyone who answers.

One of the guys in the Discord channel made one just a couple days ago.

Well that was a start, but not really what I was looking for. Thanks for pointing it out to me though :slight_smile:

All dino’s (including the raft) already have passenger options built in, you just have to enable them. For Dino’s you can actually use the saddle to add the seats as well. That’s how WC does it, with the saddle. That being said, you can do it on the CharachterBP like so -


Only thing is on the raft, you can only get the option to get on as passenger from underneath so you have to take a swim.

oh, that’s interesting. I was playing with that option (the no saddle passengers) but it didn’t seem to work… but I wasn’t trying from underneath xD. Thanks P0k3r

Any idea why it only works from beneath?

no clue why it does that