[Request] Smoother rotations, specifically for matinee Cameras

A little background: I’m working with a post production house who is trying to do some compositing on some footage rendered from the UDK. For the most part, it’s working well, however in a few shots, we’ve had some significant issues with the camera rotation. If we use shots with a narrow FOV or shots with slow pans and rotations, it becomes very clear that UDK is using integers for rotation as there are clear steps or notches in the camera’s rotation. We’ve managed to circumvent the issue for this deliverable, but it did reduce our options and apparent capabilities.
I’ve set up a simple scene in Rocket to see if that behavior still exists and it would appear to even though the rotations now reading in degrees in the UI, they are still processed as integers.

Is there a way to increase the apparent resolution of the rotations for specific actors that require smoother rotations such as a camera? If not, could there be?

Rotations are now all floating point internally (unlike UE3, as you say), so I’m actually not sure why you would still be seeing problems with precision. Would you be able to post a simple test that shows the problem?

No Problem. I’ve uploaded a level to the dropbox (/FTP_Dropbox/TomShannon/CameraRotationTest.zip). It contains a simple matinee with a camera placed a good distance from the stage, zoomed in to a FOV of about 5, I think. You can clearly see the stepping. Is is an issue with the Matinee rotation interpolation possibly?

Hi Thomas,

I am assisting with this issue. I was able to successfully reproduce this problem, so a report has been created and entered into our database. I was able to reduce the jumping by creating multiple keyframes, so that is a potential work-around for now. Thank you very much for your report and please let us know if there is anything else that is not behaving as expected.

Thank you,