[Request] Smart File Editor

So in rocket, I noticed that when you import files into the content browser, the file editor opens from the last place you selected a file. Is there any chance we could have the file editor look for files on a per project basis?

For example, let’s say I have two projects I’m working on. Project 1 & 2.

In project 1, I pull a file from
MyProject1 > Content > MyFantasticMesh1

Then I switch over to project 2 and reboot rocket.

When I go to the content browser, I will then be pulling content from the same location as my first project – MyProject1 > Content. Not something I really want. Instead, I’d like to try to pull it from MyProject2 > Content FIRST upon rocket’s restart. This way I’m not getting my wires crossed about file locations.

Thank you for the feedback, this could certainly be useful. I have submitted a feature request report for this.