[Request]Simulation game sims style kit

hello guys i’m loooking for a "blueprint, kit like those:

but instead of rts or point and click i’m looking for a kit for "life simulation games like the sims series or games like
Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

where you have a rst camera control ( a pawn) and a character bp(1 controller for 2 bp), you normally control the camera, with pan, zoom, scrolling, moving around and only controll the character by "interactions from menus, for exemple if you click in the ground instead of the character “move” to that place a menu will appear asking what you want the character do, like run here or walk here, if you click let’s say in a chair instead of the character move to the char and maybe auto sit, another menu appear with options like sit, look at, sleep and those stuffs, then i would like a basic templace with:

1 - all basic camera controlls
2 - all characters actions being made throught interaction menus, like you click in a npc then a wheel with many options to talk appear to choose one, like talk to, insulte, ask, say hello and those stuffs,
3 -a basic hud with portrait and “needs” like some survive games the character have some need which he need to fufill otherwise he will suffer some penalities and even die like hunger if him don’t eat x hours after his hunger bar goes 0 he will dies, or if his clean bar goes 0 he become dirt and it can add penalities like npcs reacting bad to him, well if possible all the basic needs would be:
hunger, thirst, clean, pee, pop, humor, social (being able to add more) fatigue
4 - how to configure objects to have interactive menus
5 - animations configurations, like this product

where you just have to setup the animation you want and it proper move to the right place to play it
and some others possible stuffs to add
i’ve already saw many “kits” fo rts, for poinmt and click, for fps, for rpg, action and adventure games but never saw a "life simulation kit’ it would be interesting see a kit like that.
2 -option to click on character protrait in the hud to allow c

I hope someone knows enough answers this. Posts like this interest me.