[Request] Set Receive Decals Blueprint node

In the render setting of a actor/component you can find a tickbox called Receives Decals. I need to be able to change that at runtime. While there is already a blueprint node for Render Custom Depth and Render in Main Pass one for Receives Decals is currently missing.

Some more info on what I need this for: I’m already using the Custom Depth Pass as a mask in my Post Processing material but I need a 2nd mask now and the Receive Decals mask would work fine for it since I don’t require to mask decals in my game but the problem is that I can’t set that at runtime.
It would be of course even better if I could make my own masks for my Post Processing material and then can also make any amount of masks.


I was reading over your post and I thought that this sounded like a reasonable request. I have written a report ( UE-15913) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your time and information.

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static mesh components as well please

so revisiting this, I’ve made an error in my previous request - you are able to disabled receives decals in the properties window of your “Add Static Mesh Component” node