[Request] Selection Sets

In 3dsmax there is an option called Selection Sets where we could select multiple objects and create a new Selection Set. This way we can select all objects (like if it was grouped) or select them individually. Quick Reference. I frequently use this in 3dsmax and would love to see this in Rocket.

Seems like Layers already provide this ability. What do you want from selection sets you don’t already get from Layers in UE4?

Sorry Jeff, I didnt knew about layers. Thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile:

Happy to help. If there is some functionality that would be useful that Layers don’t provide, please let us know. Perhaps it could be incorporated into that system. :slight_smile:

Sure thing Jeff. Two things I actually love to see is locking the layers which locks all transformations but we can select the object and freezing the layers which makes the objects not selectable at all inside viewport.